About / Who we are

Based in Canterbury, New Zealand, The Curious Traveller was founded on our love of travel and craving for adventure. We are Ben & Jess, camping fanatics and lovers of the outdoors. With Ben being a keen surfer, and both of us always up for adventure, we have always spent weekends exploring the breathtaking landscapes Aotearoa has to offer, seeking out the next adrenaline rush and getting out into the mighty outdoors at any opportunity. It was when Tilly joined the troop that we started exploring ways to keep our love of travel rustic… But maybe add a touch more practicality. This is where The Curious Traveller was born.


Waking up in the natural setting we love, just a few feet off the ground and with a slightly elevated view, seemed to be the solution. We have spent the past couple of years trying different roof top tent options and, after a few failed purchases, decided to share everything we have learned with our fellow Curious Travellers.


Offering world class products with a local service, The Curious Traveller’s mission is to provide durable shelter, whilst still maintaining the sense of freedom and exploration we all love. Combining passion with business means the team love nothing more than ‘talking shop’, offering tips and tricks and even a full fitting service for those that pick their purchase up directly.

So, whether you are a solo traveller seeking the best outlook for sunrise, or a little family looking for just enough space to lay your heads, The Curious Traveller will have the right option for you.