Adventure Log #1 - Kele

It’s been the ‘Year of the Roadie’ so far for Curious Traveller Kele, whose insatiable appetite for adventure has seen her and her Landry tent braving the elements at Ripiro Beach, falling in love with the Coromandel, and beach-hopping around the far-North.

Writes Kele…

This summer has consisted of several short roadies for me!

My first trip away was just so I could try out my new tent. I went up to Dargaville on my own and drove up Ripiro beach before setting up camp next to a stream. A storm ended up making its way overhead while I slept that night and I was pleasantly surprised by how my tent held up in the wind and rain – I stayed warm and not a drop made it inside!

At the beginning of January I spent a week down in Thames and had a wee look around the Coromandel. I went and visited a friend in Colville one afternoon and first fell in love with the drive there, then fell in love with the place itself! It’s a super quiet little town, and the beach we went to was virtually empty. It got me curious about the surrounding beaches, so a couple days later I dragged my boyfriend further north to Fletcher Bay. The drive was unreal – the last hour was a winding gravel road up the coast with the most incredible views. I must’ve pulled over a dozen times to get a good look out at the water?!

After finishing up in Coro I went back to Auckland for a day to clear out my truck and re-pack, then the next day I was off again. I drove north on my own and met some friends in Kaitaia. We spent the arvo at Shipwreck bay and then slept in Ahipara. We took our trucks up 90 mile beach and drove through Te Paki dunes/stream to get up to Cape Reinga, then nosied around a couple of the nearby beaches. Eventually my friends headed back to Auckland and left me to explore the Far North on my own. I basically just hopped from beach to beach down the East coast till I got down to Matai Bay, then headed home from there. One night I was parked up on a beach about to go to bed when some locals came and told me I had to leave. It was 10pm and I was on my own so I was hella grateful the tent packdown only takes 5 minutes.

Since then we’ve had two consecutive long weekends. We spent one weekend beach hopping back in Coro and one weekend up Far North again so I could show my boyfriend around my favourite spots, and check out the places I missed the first time round. I actually counted the other day and we went to 16 beaches in those two weekends

I’m absolutely stoked with how my tent’s treated me during all these roadies. It’s SUPER roomy, more than enough space for two of us. When the weather’s not cooperating the tent keeps me toasty, and the ladder being sheltered seems like a minor thing but is such a big win for me! The main thing though is the setup/ packdown is ridiculously easy, which is great for when I’m solo.

Cannot wait for many more adventures in my Landry!