Adventure Log #2 - Katie

Intrepid traveller Katie from Bode_Lana has been putting her tent through its paces lately, subjecting it to the teeming Tasman rain, the powerful West Coast winds, and the searing heat of New Zealand’s sun.

Katie’s travellers from the South Island…

The beginning of our trip we stayed in Marahau by the beach, so beautiful seeing the sun setting over the ocean from the windows of the tent. Sadly had to exchange the tent for bed rolls while on the Able Tasman track.

After the Able Tasman it was so luxurious to be able to return to such a comfortable bed. We had a good few days of very heavy rain so we camped near to Pohara beach to wait it out before heading north.

It was amazing to not have to worry about a tent leaking in the rain and having the ladder coming off the back meant that our kitchen area in the back of the truck was protected from the storm.

We then headed to the north end of the west coast with a couple of 4WD’s and spent many days camping at beaches while searching for waves.

The tent is awesome in all conditions, while on the west coast we experienced a few days of really strong winds and even when it was gale force at night the tent hardly moved, it was so sturdy. This was one of the things we were concerned about before trying a tent. We were unsure how well they would handle the wind in NZ.

We have also had a few days where temperatures have been in the late 20’s. It makes it so comfortable to be able to have the windows open and the fly nets on while sleeping.
One of our favourite things is the amount of space there is in the tent. It’s crazy how much of a difference it is compared to sleeping on our bed platform in the truck.