TCT Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are like minded, passionate people who crave the outdoors just as much as we do, and love to work and play in our beautiful country! Gemma, Jo & Jessie are unique individuals who have followed their creative instincts and drive for adventure which has led them to the paths they are on today. To hear more about their inspirational businesses and journeys in their roof top tents, click on their articles below.

Gemma Lee

We feel Gemma is our kindred spirt – her zest for life, adventurous nature and passion for the ocean immediately drew our attention her way! We instantly fell in love with her business vision and style for Gemma Lee, an eco-conscious wetsuit and swimwear surf brand.

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Fold In The Map

Joe & Jessie initially caught our eye with their stunning photography and videography capturing the beauty of Aotearoa. With their passion for adventure and desire to always be on the road, we quickly realised that we had quite literally found ourselves a pair of ‘Curious Travellers’.

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Our Curious Travellers

We started The Curious Traveller because, like you, we love to explore! We love to venture into the unknown; to seize the moment and set off in search of new waves to ride and new slopes to carve, new sunsets to marvel at and new memories to create.

In many ways, when you set off on an adventure with one of our rooftop tents, a little part of us comes along for the ride.

Of course, in other ways (like the literal ones), we’re not there at all. Which is why it’s so awesome to hear you recount your tales. So, if you’ve been on an epic journey of late, drop us a line and tell us all about it, and we’ll feature it below.