Fold In The Map

Joe & Jessie initially caught our eye with their stunning photography and videography capturing the beauty of Aotearoa. With their passion for adventure and desire to always be on the road, we quickly realised that we had quite literally found ourselves a pair of ‘Curious Travellers’.

This creative couple meet a couple of years ago in the best kind of way – in a pub! They were both in Melbourne at the time and ever since then have been on road together, moving from vehicle to vehicle, chasing scenery and sunsets. They were able to draw on their creative skills and turned their obsession of videography and photography into a job that funded their lifestyle.

The non-stop journey has lead them to us in Christchurch where they are currently undertaking a massive project to convert their 1960’s Land Rover into the ultimate over landing campaign machine. The Landy – their dream car has quickly become a rolling lesson machine. It’s taught them basic mechanics, how to dress warmly (no heating), perseverance and hope to cope with Rover mania….which is a serious condition that strikes daily.

We have kitted them out with The Edgley roof top tent and add on annex which will be their new home across the warmer months. Across Spring and Summer the converted overlanding campaign machine will see them off up the mountains, across our coastline and up and down the South island, searching for surf, salt air, treks to climb and of course taking a few photos along the way.

If you also want to check out their bio and skillset for all things photography and videography related, check out their work here.